About Tropical Entrepreneur

Hey there friend,

Welcome to The Tropical Entrepreneur Show!

Let me ask you? Would you like a map that shows you how to grow a location independent business?

A guaranteed strategy that will allow you to live anywhere in the world?

A blueprint to make just the right amount of money to support your version of a perfect lifestyle?

If you would, then I’ll give it to you…

But only if you’ll promise to put it into action? Do you promise?

Okay then let’s do it!

Who belongs here?

Are you ready to set fire to the bridges behind you?

Is it time for you to say enough is enough as you snatch your birth right firmly gripped in fist?

Is today is the day you take up your rightful place in the world of infinite possibilities, unlimited potential, original creativity, ownership of your life and open your channels to wealth?

Because if you’re ready, Tropical Entrepreneur has prepared you an exit from the mundane drudgeries of the normal nine to five life!

Have you ever asked the following questions:

  • How do people live for years in Tropical Paradise like Thailand or Costa Rica?
  • How do the big name marketers build wildly profitable turn-key businesses?
  • What are the real techniques to growing a stable passive income online?
  • Who and where are the experts that will share the truth about their businesses?
  • How do all the pieces of a semi-automated online marketing system fit together?
  • Will someone please reveal the truth and not charge me thousands of dollars?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions..

You are in the right place!

What is The Tropical Entrepreneur Show

It’s a series of priceless maps that will be given to you by the greatest minds in location independent success and online marketing today.

Now we’re not talking about some set of mind maps or process maps here..

Tropical Entrepreneur is like having a different expert advisor arrive in your pocket each and every day.

Sitting there with you sharpening your mental axe while you are in your car, at the gym, riding your bike, watering the garden or wherever it is you chose to do, while tapping into the wisdom of your dedicated daily advisors.

These are the most brilliant entrepreneurs in location independence, email marketing, sequencing, strategic thinking, traffic generation, software as a service, living overseas, incorporation, tax, systems thinking, social media, outsourcing, hiring, business culture development, sales, copy writing, buying online businesses and anything else you ask me to find.

Every subject you’ll ever need to develop knowledge on to push forward confidently to your destiny!

The Tropical Entrepreneur show is not just a daily business podcast!

It’s a movement, a place to hang your hat, a second home, it’s a universal library of business acumen and wisdom.

It’s a place where all the above will be delivered with open arms, with nothing asked in return….. Other than forty to fifty minutes of your time each day; whenever it suits you.

A small price to pay for a guaranteed existence! An existence that see’s you become the person who begins taking about a business idea and initially they start to laugh but within a few minutes they’re stunned in amazement!

Now your the expert! Are you ready to take the mantle?

How Will The Show Help you get ahead?

We will deliver to you a daily 40 to 50 minute interview with a different market leading authority on location independent business, lifestyle design, online marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, start-ups and mind-set dynamics.

Each and every show follows a structure designed to extract maximum value from a superstar guru guest.

With the help of my mentor and friend Mr. John Lee Dumas; I’ve designed a show flow that will see you come away from every episode with powerful business strategies you can implement fast, knowledge of what’s working in the businesses of today’s thought influencers and inspiration to smash through any resistance to reach your goals quickly.

What’s covered in each show:

Each show starts off with me stating the mission:

Help one million people escape the status quo, build the location independent business of their dreams and live a more thrilling & fulfilling lifestyle!

After introductions and pleasantries…

We then move into discussing “Think & Grow Rich”, and the location independents essential book “The 4 Hour Work Week”.

Not just the same old though, myself and the day’s guest will drill down on how you can implement the mechanics of these books in your life and business.

Why those two books?

  1. “Think & Grow Rich” because it’s critical to your entrepreneurial mind-set.
  2. “The 4 Hour Work Week” because it’s the bible of location independence.

This section is great because it provides insight into how the entrepreneur has actually turned these books into business strategies and mind-set systems they use daily in their life.

Next we move into how our location independent expert has faced and smashed through resistance.

This is followed by discussing their previous business ventures… This provides a lot of insight for you into the path each expert walked to ultimate success..

In all these sections, I dig deeper into the entrepreneurs mindset so you can gain a deeper understanding of why they have achieved great success so you can learn from their experience and achieve greatness too.

We then segue into their current business which is packed with value. I’ll dig into their best marketing strategy, what makes them jump out of bed, their core values, best resources they use daily and anything else that I think will help you on your location independent journey.

Then we move into the final two segments….

  1. The mighty secret totems of location independence and success marketing online.
  2. The 5 – 10 steps to build a location independent business within 90 days time.

The mighty secret totems of location independence and success marketing online are 20 questions that I have formed over the past 10 years in my entrepreneurial ventures and making money marketing online.

The answers to the 20 secret totems hold the keys to concrete foundational lasting success.

In this section our marketing maven is given a choice to make it a bit of fun as well; they can answer as many totems as possible in 5 minutes or they can give a lesson deemed helpful to rapid location independent success.

The final section is the 5 – 10 steps to a profitable location independent business.

This segment is my personal favourite because it holds the potential to see you experience freedom quickly.

The scenario given and question asked is as follows:

If you were starting today with no business foundation built; you’ve got $1000 in hand; you’ve got the internet, you’re gainfully employed on a standard regular wage from a job, you’re allocating 2 hours a day Monday to Friday; and you’re going to dedicate all of every Sunday and some Saturdays into  building a location independent business.

Your main objective is to have a location independent business that allows you to leave your day job within 90 days time (that’s 3 months) from today.

What would be the 5 to 10 steps you would take to achieve an operational location independent business producing income; 90 days from today?

If you write down the answers given every day, within one year you’ll have 365 proven strategies from a different expert advisor that you can follow to success!

Let me say that another way in just twelve months you’ll have three hundred and sixty five systems to build a location independent business that replaces your day job income.

Who knows…

There’s no reason why you can’t implement the very first 5 step system you hear..

The very first show will provide you with a system that may very well see you find yourself swinging freely in a hammock just 90 days from listing to the Tropical Entrepreneur Show for the very first time.

Even if you do become free in 90 days from the very first show, why wouldn’t you keep listening to create a manual of systems that lead to ultimate lifestyle and business success?

That alone is reason enough to make sure your subscribed on iTunes so you can listen in every single day.

About Josh Denning

Josh Denning

My name is Josh Denning I am the founder of the Tropical Entrepreneur Show.

I’m the mentee and protégé of John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur On Fire; a huge debt of gratitude is owed to John for his care and dedication while mentoring me in the art of delivering value through a podcast.

While John has helped me in more ways than I can list; thank you John! I’m forever grateful!

Checkout: John Lee Dumas’s leading business podcast

I’m also an avid student of Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Eban Pagan, Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker, Jeff Johnson, Mike Filsaime, much of the Nightingale-Conant Library and on and on….

The trainers of the eighties set the foundation; it’s been the later guys that I found in my mid twenties that lit a fire of passion; that couldn’t be extinguished.

The ‘burning desire’ rose as Think & Grow Rich would put it.

How the Fire Was Lit

My ‘gateway drugs’ as Frank Kern would so eloquently and humorously put it were none other than Frank Kern, Eban Pagan and Mike Filsaime.

The launch that really kicked it off for me in a big way was ‘Get Altitude’ by Eban.

Mass Control 2.0 by Frank sealed the deal. The surfer making millions in a single day, that was also hilarious (as you know, if you know Frank) was amazing, I couldn’t pull my eyes away from anything Frank Kern was doing!

Then ‘Butterfly Marketing 2.0’ by Mike Filsaime nailed me in. Once I had been through those three courses I was hooked to online marketing for life..

Online marketing for me was like finding heaven on earth!

I think the deeper psychology for me was the realization that internet businesses could in fact be trusted, on the contrary to what everyone in Australia thought at the time.

That not only could they be trusted; but incredible freedom could be created through what was on offer.

Education better than any university in the world has available!

There was amazing wisdom being delivered on things that I’d hardly even heard of before like automated business systems, continuity income, affiliate marketing, information marketing, pay per click, search engine optimization, auto responders and direct response marketing.

It was all new and it was sensational.

The personal development and success coaching I had previously been committed, too were fantastic for getting my mind-set right.

But these new experts…

They were the ticket to an amazing and fulfilling lifestyle.

Studying what these modern internet savvy marketers were teaching, going through the courses, implementing what I learned to see what would happen, it was and still is pure bliss for me.

Then when some of it started to work, initially little stuff, like there was a program called Google Cash; that taught you to link from Google Adwords text ads straight to the sales pages of Click Bank products; this was AROUND 2007 or 2008.

It was easy to do and it worked! Nothing huge though it was like $60 – $100 a week; a few sales a week, maybe $300 was the biggest week doing that… However it was the realization that “YES” this stuff actually works.

A few years previously back in 2004 to 2005.

I’d been getting $600 – $1200 checks in the mail each month from an online MLM type scheme.

Unfortunately the penny hadn’t really dropped for me yet back then; and the value being provided wasn’t anything like what I later discovered.. Had the penny dropped I would likely have been right up there with Frank, Mike and Eban..

More on that later…

Back to things starting to work.

So then.

Not long after Google Cash 2; I teamed up with my old high school buddy and we became affiliates of programs like John Reese’s – Outsource Force launch, Eban Pagans – Guru Blueprint, Jeff Walkers and Jeff Johnson’s products.

We started to do some big affiliate numbers.

I mean not super serious yet, but finally making some big commission; like selling only 3 units made us $3000 USD on Outsource Force.

Then later selling 9 units on one of the other programs, made $9000 commission.

It was more money than I had ever made by far…

It was only taking like 3 weeks to set up the promotions..

It was incredible…. Online marketing was my passion forever  from there on forward…

It wasn’t just the money either I would have done it if the money was there or not; I just loved it.

The learning, the marketing, the challenge, everything!

Growing Up

My Father was one of Australia’s leading sales trainers in the eighties.

During the eighties he also founded what became the largest Tin Men company (aluminium siding for homes) in Australia..

The yearly revenue was 15 times that of the company that was number two in the market.

The conversion rate on his businesses sales system averaged out at like 75% and his was almost 90% which if your knowledgeable on face to face sales, those numbers are insane!

Yes, I am the son of a Tin Man… My father taught me a huge amount about business, management, sales and marketing.

At fifteen years of age he introduced me to various business books like: Napoleon Hill’s – Think & Grow Rich, Zig Zigler’s – See You At The Top, a book called The Risk Takers, another called Psycho-Cybernetics (a very difficult read at the age of fifteen, I later re-read it on advice from Dan Kennedy), many of Jim Rohn’s programs on cassettes and Hose Silva’s – Silva Mind Control Method.

He actually gave me an old leather eighties sports bag filled with hundreds of different personal development coaches on audio cassettes; which I unfortunately lost.

I didn’t treasure the collection back then like I would today…

I honestly to this day wouldn’t know who seventy percent of the experts were in that bag and hardly remember the content; I did however listen to every single tape.

I guess you could say personal development and success coaching has been bred into me since the day I opened my eyes and said “hello world, looks like today will be a great day” – There’s a bit of Zig for ya….. Maybe that was Denis Waitley

He probably played tapes to me before that day in 1982.. Let’s go with that I knew the whole lead the field series before I was even born, haha 😉

My mother is the salt of the earth, pillar of kindness, and also had a far extending influence on me. She has been my cheer leader at every step of the way and like my father; she introduced me to books of a different kind:

Authors like: “Deepak Chopra, Neil Donald Walsh, Stuart Wilde, Wayne Dyer, Osho, Louise Hay, and many other spiritual leaders that had a different impact to the business masters bestowed by my father…..

Both educations are cherished by me and I consider eternally valuable; years later I am deeply grateful for both my parents gifts of wisdom.

They handed me the compass and I’ve choose to continue North along the path they lit for me…

My Early Online Marketing Experience

I started online marketing in 2004; in an online MLM program called Pay It Forward for Profits “otherwise known as a funded proposal” created by Paul Birdsall and Joel Comm….

Way back then amazingly to me now I built my first email list to 10,000 people; which at the time I didn’t even realise was an achievement so I just let the account with the Royal Responder expire when I went back to a day job in financial services…

I remember thinking at the time that clicks for “make money online” with Google Adwords had reached $1.00 so it was probably the end of the line….

How wrong I was..

Becoming A Professional In The Online Business World

That experience in 2004 and even more so 2007 – 2008 lead me to eventually join the professional ranks of the digital marketing industry as a consultant.

In 2008 I joined a company called Experian Hitwise as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Hitwise was one of the first Australian digital marketing agencies. Hitwise look after campaigns for some of Sydney and Melbourne’s largest e-commerce and enterprise organisations.

From Hitwise a year and a half later I moved to Bruce Clay as an SEO Analyst.

I didn’t realise at the time but I had gone from the first in Australia to one of the first digital agencies in the world. This was a really great education in all aspect of digital business.

With Bruce Clay I got to work on major banks campaigns, the largest Telco in Australia, and the two largest ecommerce businesses in Australia.

I’m sure you can imagine this was an incredible learning experience.

Founding My First Digital Agency

I went on from Bruce Clay about eighteen months later in 2011 to start a boutique digital agency called Click Thru iQ.

I founded ClickThru with a buddy from high school.

We specialised in Click Bank launches, SEO, joint ventures, coaching and affiliate marketing.

Our largest launch on Click Bank drove 26,000 unique visits in 2 days. The conversion rate only reached about 0.7% on that particular launch because at the time I didn’t completely understand that the offer was more important than the copy writing.

We allowed a full blown launch to go live with out running tests and a launch that should have done close to one million in sales; only just broke short of a hundred thousand. Which probably sounds great; however after paying partners, Click Bank, recouping our investment; the return wasn’t great.

It was however a very important lesson learned.

Even when you’ve got solid knowledge and a great team. You must always test everything before opening the faucet to full.

We did several more launches after that; however an unexpected loss in my personal life caused me to hand that business over to my buddy and move on..

Introspection & Meditation

I spent a year in introspection after that, including a month in a buddhist temple where I learned to meditate for an hour too two hours at a time and began to understand life from deeper or perhaps different perspective.

Going Location Independent

Finally after 12 months in introspection and with a new lease on life from the buddhist temple; I purchased a one way ticket to Bangkok Thailand.

Within a few weeks I met the women that is now my wife. We married in a giant buddhist wedding with over 1000 guests in her village in Southern Thailand. Which you’ll see plenty more of in time 😉

Creating the Location Independent Business

A year later we formed a white labelling service for Western Australia’s largest digital marketing agency; whereby we provide fulfilment for SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing, Content Writing, Customer Service and Sales.

Due to lots of hard work, previous experience, hiring the right people and luck on our side the Bangkok online marketing agency is now extremely successful.

Consistently having record, after record month in sales and results.

Time to Live The Inner Vision

So I decided it’s now time to start work on my vision. I’ve had the vision for this podcast since 2009.

However until now it was never really perfectly formed. Now though with John Lee Dumas to advice and guide me and five more years experience since the vision first began forming back in 2009.

It is time to share my experience and find other experts to share their experience with anyone that is seeking something more from life.

I’ve been passionate about learning online marketing, masterminding with others and delivering expert multi-channel digital systems for over 10 years now. So I now feel I have the stripes to deliver real help to those that are ready..

So with all that said “I am thrilled to announce the beginning of a new chapter”

That chapter in my life will be called “The Tropical Entrepreneur Show”.

A chapter that I hope many will be able to look back on and say:

“The Tropical Entrepreneur Show was instrumental in allowing me to escape status quo, live life like a movie star and grow an online business that makes me jump out of bed every day yelling it’s time to seize the day”…..

May wealth, health and happiness follow you everywhere…

~Stay Tropical..

Josh Denning

The Tropical Entrepreneur

Now it’s time for you to go to iTunes and subscribe to the show…

If you’re already subscribed be sure to check out the start here page, and the resources page where you’ll find everything you need to get your journey underway.

P.S. If you stayed with me all this way, hanging on every word then you’ve got the chops to make it in the world of online marketing, location independence and entrepreneurial success.. I salute you..

P.P.S. So for that here is a FREE gift for beging a trooper!

It’s a video I created for you on where to find an abundance of high quality affiliate products to promote.

Products that actually pay decent commissions as well; no more of these lousy $20 or $80 payments.

It’s your F.R.E.E.. On me!

Your Friend..

Josh Denning..

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Keep it beach side!



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