Ep1: Let’s Get Social Sunday (Major Mistake Made By Social Marketers).

Social media

It’s that time again for all you hammock bound citizens out there! Today I’ve got the first instalment of Let’s Get Social Sunday for ya’ll.. In episode one of Social Media Sunday I reveal the biggest mistake new social media marketers make. This one is important for you because even seasoned social media marketing agencies make…

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Ep1: Subscriber Base Building Saturday (5 Best Lead Magnets).


Its the hammock swinging star here again The Tropical Entrepreneur. Today’s video episode one of Subscriber Base Building Saturday is a longer video. This video is just over fifteen minutes because the topic is so important to your business. There is no asset in your business that deserves more attention than your list! Your list…

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Ep1: Wicked Offer Creation Wednesday.. Offer Framework

50% off graphic offers

Wicked Offer Creation Wednesday is here to help you understand exactly what the mysterious offer really is, how the experts put an offer together and how you can begin to create offers that are killer. In todays episode of Wicked Offers Wednesday, I take you through the frame work that I use called Offer Control…

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Ep1: Paid Traffic Tuesday.. Adwords. The Best Source of High Quality Traffic Fast and How to Identify Advertisers Making Big Profits

paid traffic tuesday ep1

Welcome back Tropics Syndicate. Today in Paid Traffic Tuesday episode one, we take a look at Google Adwords. In this video I review the following: Where are Google Adwords found A source of very high quality traffic fast The secret to low priced clicks How to identify advertisers making big profits Every Tuesday I’ll do a new Paid Traffic…

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Ep1: Content Marketing Monday (Frequency)..

Content Marketing Monday ep1

It’s finally here. I have been planning this series for a very long time! I’ve been going back and forward in my mind on the naming convention, the content, the best ways to frame the learnings and I finally told myself… “keep it simple Josh and just get started” Perhaps the best advice one can ever…

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