234: Segmented Marketing Mastery with Daniele Lima & Josh Denning.

Daniele Lima
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Today’s guest Daniele Lima is one of the most influential and sought after sales and marketing consultants and business trainers in the land. With over thirty years of proven industry experience, he has developed a reputation for commercial and educational excellence with an enviable track record of achievement and business success with dozens of leading household brands and organisations.

Daniele is a recognised authority on marketing, social media, electronic marketing, engagement and community building. In recent times he was chosen by VECCI to develop all seven workshops used as the educational platform for the Federal Government funded Digital Enterprise Program, where he continues to deliver the workshops as well as routinely perform the business to business, one on one coaching sessions with program participants.

Through his own company: he has established a formidable reputation within this space and has built up an impressive array of top tier companies, organisation and associations which include such names as: Bristol-Myers Squibb, The AFLPA, Mills Oakley Lawyers, Harris Scarfe, New Balance, Astra Zeneca, Geelong Football Club, The Melbourne Rebels, Desa Electrical, The Law Institute of Victoria, Burson Auto Parts, Crown Leadership International, Camec, Reece, Salesforce, Zero.com, the Successful Investor, The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and many others.

Book Chapter:

Segmenting Your Market For Success.

Core Message:

Take a good long look at your market. Break it up, look at the behaviours. Where do they buy? How much do they buy? How often do they buy?

What are their opinions? What are their beliefs? What geography do the live in? What is frustrating them? What do they feel is missing from the market?

You are searching for a couple of things:

1. The different segments of the market by size, gender, purchasing habits, etc.
2. More importantly your searching for the met needs and unmet needs (pain points).

Once you cam define your markets by segments and speak to each segment about their unmet needs. Your job of attracting people to you and getting them to buy from your gets much easier.

Where do you get this data?

  • The Sensis or relevant studies.
  • Chambers of commerce.
  • Associations of industry.
  • Trade journals.
  • Hitwise data.
  • Bureau of statistics.
  • SRDS and mailing houses.
  • List brokers and list houses.

In This Episode:

  1. Segmenting
  2. Data based marketing
  3. Learning your craft
  4. Getting certified
  5. Mastery
  6. Value propositions
  7. Understanding people

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