140: The Million Dollar Question with Jesse Krieger.

Jesse Krieger
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Today’s guest Jesse Krieger is the founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy.

In the academy, Jesse helps aspiring entrepreneurs, mid-career professionals and small business owners understand how to build online businesses that they can run from anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection. The broader goal is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs to amplify their interests and passions with businesses that support amazing lifestyles.

If you’re keen to start living the Tropical Entrepreneur lifestyle like me and my buddies go grab yourself a coffee or a nice drink (I’m drinking a real juiced carrot, beetroot, watermelon and celery juice right now – what are you going to grab?).

Whatever you decide to drink while you listen, enjoy it and lets dive into this episode.

Book Chapter:

The Million Dollar Question.

Core Message:

If I cut you a check right now for one million dollar. What would you do then?

This allows you to move your mindset away from getting that fast cash. To be free enough for a moment in time to start thinking about what you’d really like to be doing.

Then figure out what those thing’s are; then backwards engineer to start living that lifestyle as soon as possible.

In This Episode:

  1. Focusing and writing the story of your best future.
  2. The number one fear among Americans.
  3. Making visualization and projecting yourself to the story that you want to live into.
  4. Importance of Business’ blueprint of what you are trying to build.
  5. What does it mean to be a lifestyle entrepreneur?
  6. How long does it takes for somebody who has no prior experience of business to go through the steps to build and launch something?
  7. What are the steps that people should take to get started on their lifestyle design plan?
  8. How to create free time in your life.
  9. The broader mission of a coach or somebody that’s in the training space.
  10. Jesse’s great advices and ideas.

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