231: Building Online Coaching Businesses with Marc Mawhinney & Josh.

Marc Mawhinney
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Today’s guest Marc Mawhinney is the Creator and Host of Natural Born Coaches, the daily podcast for your coaching business. Marc is passionate about helping coaches get more clients and build stronger businesses!

In this episode Marc and I covered in extensive detail how to build a coaching business, why its such an awesome business, what you need and why now is the time to add coaching revenue into your business.

Book Chapter:

Niche Baby, Niche

Core Message:

It’s really important to niche until it hurts. People that are looking for coaches or looking for anything really are seeking something to specifically solve their exact challenges. Which typically means specialised in their industry and even better an area of their industry.

As an example you may be a lead generation coach for plastic surgeons or even further a digital marketing lead generation coach for plastic surgeons.

In This Episode:

  1. How to uncover a tight niche with lots of clients
  2. Why being a generalist is a recipe for failure
  3. The types of methods that work to get coach leads
  4. How to run a successful discovery call to win clients
  5. The benefits and lifestyle of coaching as a business

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