197: B2B Copywriting and Content Marketing with Rachel Foster.

Rachel Foster
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Today’s guest Rachel Foster is a B2B copywriter who specialises in technology and software, she helps her clients attract high-quality leads, increase their conversions and clearly communicate complex messages.

Rachel studied B2B copywriting with American Writers & Artists Incorporated (AWAI) and placed in their 2009 “B2B Rising Star” copywriting competition.

She also very much underplays that she was included in the Online Marketing Institute’s list of the “Top 40+ Digital Strategists in Marketing for 2014”.

Book Chapter:

Get Yourself Focused On A Market & Skill Set

Core Message:

The more focused you are the easier it will be to get and keep clients. Many times clients are very excited when they find a specialist or someone that is an expert on their niche.

You want to focus on a market that’s big enough, that you have an interest in and ideally you have some experience in. However even if you don’t have experience in the area you can transfer the experience you do have from other areas while you take the time to understand the market in-depth.

In summary focusing on a market will make it much easier for you to grow your business.

In This Episode:

  1. The true power in copy (your customers problems).
  2. Transitioning from self focused to customer focused.
  3. B2B copywriting tactics that deliver awesome results.
  4. A process to make copywriting projects run smoothly.
  5. How to set out an excellent content editorial calendar.
  6. How to develop a great content marketing strategy.
  7. Critical elements that need to go into ever content piece.
  8. The research that needs to go into a B2B copy project.
  9. Information on sitting down to write and edit copy.
  10. Resources you can use to get better at writing copy.

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