47: Rapid Business Growth Using Social Media With Your Daily Social Skills with Rivka Kawano.

Rivka Kawano
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Todays guest Rivka Kawano is a social media expert and shares a huge amount of value on getting social working properly for your business in the interview.

Rivka is a speaker, author of the upcoming book What to Post, and social media marketing coach who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses learn to apply their real life social skills to the online world in order to get real results. In addition to running her own business and traveling the world she is mom to three boys aged 4, 5, and 6. 

Rivka likes everyone to know that she loves a good cup of tea. Next time you bump into her if you want a good social media coaching session for FREE try offering her a cup of the best tea in town.

Some of the highlights on the show today were:

  • Heaps of tips to do great social media
  • How to translate social into lead & sales.
  • How to raise above the noise the social space.

Book Chapter:

How To Be Real On Social 

Core Message:

How to transfer the real world social skills and people skills that we already have. The skills we’ve been using all our lives to build quality relationships over the internet.

Magic Power’s:

The ability to create real connections with people.

Rivka suggests that the best way to success in todays socially enabled world where the power has shifted back into the peoples hands, you really want to focus on caring, building real relationships with your customers and truly deeply seeking to understand them to solve their problems.  


  • Traffic – Guest posting, Twitter and Podcasting.
  • Email List – Making sure your Twitter profile has the lead magnet on it.
  • Biggest Social Mistake – Promoting way to much and not connecting.

Location Independent Strategy:

  1. Choose one or two social platforms and get to know them intimately.
  2. Once you choose get in there and get super active on a daily basis.
  3. Setup your own website with a brand and a central message USP.
  4. Make sure that all your social profiles are linked to your website.
  5. Get your business setup to build a list from day one, this is critical.
  6. You need to get a product or service ready to sell as soon as possible.
  7. Be willing to test your idea before it’s even created, ask questions.
  8. Set aside time for listening and learning, at least one hour a week. 
  9. Consider using a webinar as the initial way to get people buying.

Final pearl of knowledge:

Don’t give up! You are going to have a million challenges come up. If you approach things from a sense of wonder and excitement the answers to your problems will be easier to see. There is always many ways to solve your challenges. 

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