233: The Perfect Freedom Business with Sean D’Souza & Josh Denning.

Sean D’Souza
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Today’s guest Sean D’Souza is the founder of PsychoTactics™

Are you losing customers because you don’t know how the brain works? Do you really understand how the marketing brain works? Are you harnessing its immense potential to make your business generate greater revenues? Wouldn’t your strategy and tactics be vastly different, if you understood these psychological marketing ideas?

If you don’t understand the simplicity and predictability of the brain, a lot of your business could be walking out the door. And you may not even realise it! Here’s your opportunity to learn the psychology behind what makes your customer’s brain tick. Then you can use this information, to keep them stuck to you like glue!

PsychoTactics™ unravels an age-old mystery

PsychoTactics™ is a thought system that is based on 5000+ years of tried and tested methods. Our brains are hardwired with information, that hasn’t changed in all these centuries. Imagine being able to use that same psychology in your small business marketing. It’s so deceptively simple that you will wonder just how you did without this incredible understanding of the human psyche for so long.

Book Chapter:


Core Message:

If you get to an optimum speed you take off. There’s a certain amount of energy required to get off the ground and stay off the ground.

Once you’re up to a cruising altitude, continuing to get higher requires less and less energy.

You may actually burn more fuel to get higher than you did to get off the ground but the energy that fuel creates grows your business at exponential rate with your personal effort being not anywhere near that which was required to get off the ground.

In This Episode:

The keys to consumption:

The most important aspect of a successful information business is ensuring your students consume your products.

  1. Removing intimidation from your training.
  2. Isolating small components when training.
  3. Empowering your students with understanding.
  4. Getting your students to implementation quickly

Creating a business with maximum freedom:

  1. Leverage information products – (one to many).
  2. Leverage training programs – (small group).
  3. Create custom consulting days – (one on one).

Until you’re one to many and small group programs exceed the revenue of your one on one you’ll be in a position where freedom is limited. To eventually achieve complete and total freedom your income must come completely from one to many products that are evergreen in nature.

A simple copywriting formula that always works:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Outline the solution
  3. Detail the target market
  4. Bring up and kill the objections
  5. Reverse the risk
  6. Make the offer
  7. Stack on the bonuses
  8. Provide testimonials
  9. Make the offer again

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