177: Controllable, Repeatable, Scalable and Predictable, Sales Funnel with Shola Abidoye.

Shola Abidoye
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Today’s guest Shola Abidoye is a diamond in the rough. She absolutely knows her stuff and in my humble opinion better than most. Shola’s mission is to put a serious dent in the failure rate of international lean startups and online companies around the world.

The vehicle she developed achieve that mission is called CRSP (also known as C.R.S.P. technology). It could also be called a CRSP funnel and pronounced like crips chips.

The acronym stand for: controllable, repeatable, scalable and predictable (CRSP) customer|client|user acquisition – without the risk and hassle associated with fickle seo, social media, pr, content marketing or blogging.

In my point of view, Shola is working on is the holly grail of business. I believe that to be the case so much so that I am completely integrating it into my business it is completely awesome!

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Core Message:

As professional entrepreneurs we need to become master revenue generators. We want to have the level of predictability that we had when we had jobs.

In order to become masters of revenue generation, we need to become masters of client acquisition.

You need to ask yourself how much time are you spending to develop yourself into a client acquisition master? If you want to be able to live the Tropical Entrepreneurs life or build a corporation for that matter, at the root of it is always clients acquisition.

If you’re spending your time caught up in other areas. It’s time you shift your focus to the art of acquiring customers in a predictable, consistent way, day in and day out.

In This Episode:

  1. Getting crystal clear on your market.
  2. Knowing why people should buy from you.
  3. Knowing why the shouldn’t buy from you.
  4. Ten minutes a day to differentiate yourself.
  5. What is a CRSP funnel & how it helps you.
  6. How to design you business messaging.
  7. How to get your funnel setup & designed.
  8. Getting you funnel technology setup
  9. What tracking you need in place and running.
  10. Approaching things from a place of testing.
  11. Getting laser clear on your essential metrics.
  12. Loads more profit producing packed advice.

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  • Leon H

    Excellent Shola
    I learned so much from this very informative podcast and will be implementing those tips you have shared right away in my online business.

    • http://www.tropicalentrepreneur.com Josh Denning

      Hi Leon, thanks for the comment. Shola is a genius and I absolutely recommend you start getting CRSP systems setup in your business as soon as you can.. If either Shola or I can answer any questions about how to do that for you, please feel free to post them in the comments. Thanks for listening, Josh