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 I’m Josh Denning the founder of The Tropical Entrepreneur Show. If you’re new to the world of location independent business operation, online marketing and entrepreneurship, then this is where you start.

Here you’ll find shortcuts to the best content to help you get started quickly, a few excellent videos on the meaning of location independence, what location independent businesses look like, and video’s on several different proven location independent business models so you can choose one.

You’ll learn where to get the initial resources you need to start your journey and the information you need to crush the status quo and start building your dream business.

Here’s what you should do next:

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The Top 10 Tools for Growing A Location Independent Business

Resource Guide: The Top 10 Tools for Growing A Location Independent Business. 

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3.  What is Location Independence?

The Tropical Entrepreneurs definition of location independence is:

Getting yourself into a situation where you can run your business regardless of physical location.

Your business produces enough revenue that you can live anywhere in the world.

Your business provides for the exact lifestyle you desire.

Typically the fastest way to develop such a situation is by creating online business systems that consist of several components. It may consist of a few more; but can’t really consist of any less.

  1. Hosting
  2. A domain name
  3. A website and blog
  4. An email list (database)
  5. A product or service
  6. An offer and sales message
  7. A traffic generation system
  8. A system that transacts money
  9. A system to deliver or fulfill
  10. A customer service system
  11. Backend funnel to sell more

Now it doesn’t have to be online; others I know and in fact some of the wealthiest business owners are able to achieve location independence through organisation of human resources by using procedures manuals and business systems.

However if you’re starting out and don’t have a stack of business experience, the easiest, safest and fastest way to grow a business that allows location independence will be online.

Location Independent Business Models Video

This video goes through a few different options that are commonly used by location independent business operators.

These are the most proven models and the easiest to get established. They have the most information available surrounding how to do them successfully, the most support, mentors, tools, proven formulas etc..

  1. Information Marketing (Digital Product) Model
  2. Adverting Revenue (Content) Model
  3. Physical Product (eCommerce) Model
  4. Consulting & Outsource (Digital Agency) Model

There are of course all kinds of hybrid versions of these for example doing eCommerce directly through eBay is a very common method of location independent business operators here in Thailand. However there are also far more difficult models like CPA marketing, The Product Launch Model, Straight Affiliate Model; CPV, Direct Linking, Online MLM, Day Trading, and the list goes on and on.

It’s my recommendation that you stick with one of the 4 models mentioned above when you’re getting started as they are the most real and the most tangible business models in my opinion. You are offering real value in either packaged information, regular creation of niche great content, delivering a service, or delivering a physical product that someone really wants.

The other models are much more complicated and require a lot greater skills in traffic generation, systems, analytics, and there is no reason you can’t do one of them later once you have money to play with; my aim is to help you get location independent as quickly as possible.

4. Domain, Hosting & Website.

The first thing you’re going to need is a domain, hosting and a website platform.

Your website is going to be your central location; this is where you’ll communicate your value proposition, your message and offer either your products, content, services or a mix depending on the model you’ve chosen.

The platform that I use is WordPress with an advanced marketing theme installed called OptimizePress 2.0.

There are many different platforms you can use for your website but for most purposes the best is definitely WordPress as it has the most support, the most plugins and great themes. You can even do ecommerce on WordPress now with a plugin called shop.

Other free self-hosted platforms you can review include: Movable Type, Joomla, Drupal.

Other eCommerce platforms to checkout: Big Commerce, Megento, Woo Commerce, Open Cart, Presta Shop, Shopify.

Somewhere in those recommendations you’ll find a good match. Big Commerce is pretty good.

Here is a review of the top 10 by Top10 Reviews: Top 10 eCommerce platforms.

If you’re not technically savvy I recommend you stick with WordPress. All the top marketers use WordPress, and now most of the web design agencies build all their websites on it and the greatest percentage of people even do eCommerce on it.

It was never meant to become such a versatile platform; it was built for bloggers. It’s flexibility, SEO friendly code, and versatility has seen WordPress become the most widely used website platform on the planet.

It’s worth having a look at the others though just to get a feel for what else is out there.

In terms of testing an idea on a free platform you can use WordPress (non-self-hosted); Blogger by Google, Tumblr.

In fact here is an article from The Next Web: The 15 best free blogging platforms.

If your serious about your business.

Skip the free platforms.

Move straight to working out a name for your business, get the domain, get some hosting, get WordPress setup, install a theme and you’ll be well on your way to doing things properly. If you run with all the Tropical Entrepreneur recommendations, even with getting an Optimize Press Experts to customize your theme, it will look professional like mine.

You can have your site setup professionally, hosting, a domain, your lead captures, give away graphics and everything all ready to rock and roll for between $500 – $1000 which is pretty incredible to be well on your way to location independence.

A quick caveat: This can be done without spending much money; however it you want to go professional which I recommend you do, then you’ll need to spend some money; in the scheme of things compared to the return you’ll get. If you see it through, it’s a drop in the ocean.

5. Get Blue Host Which Includes Your Domain Name Free

I’ve been using Blue Host since 2008. I have never ever had an issue with Blue Host. My site never goes down, it’s never slow, if I need technical support they respond within a day maximum (which saves me a lot of money); and there is no annoying domain integration or anything like that.

When you first sign up you get the initial domain name for free! Then every domain after that is $10 from right inside your dashboard and it’s ready to use immediately.

When you start becoming successful you’ll probably want new domains; while the domain being immediately available in your hosting platform may not sound like a huge benefit; believe me it saves a lot of hassle.

No redirecting domain name servers or anything like that. It’s just ready to roll.

With Blue Host you can have an unlimited amount of domains with no extra fee’s. I once had over 150 domains in my $5 per month Blue Host account all with niche websites on them.. They never even said anything about it.

I tried switching once to the other provider many people like which is Host Gator; and the experience for me was not nearly as user friendly as Blue Host.

When I was building a big network of sites years ago for some SEO stuff; I trialed 100’s maybe 1000’s of hosting providers and not one of them was near as seamless as Blue Host until we got into the hundreds of dollars a month versus Blue Host at less than $4.95 a month.

That is a bargain.

So far I’ve found even the hosts that are hundreds of dollars per month with lots of wiz bang features still aren’t as good as Blue Host.

I’m told there are services at the hundreds of dollars per a month level that are better than Blue Host.

But I am yet to see that for myself.

If I see that I will let you know!

Even then you won’t need to spend anywhere near that amount of money until you’re getting tens of thousands of visitors per day.

I did a Click Bank launch that did over 20,000 visitors in a single day back at the end of 2009.

The load speed didn’t even slow down.

Their normal plan can handle an unbelievable amount of traffic!

When they say it’s unlimited they mean it :-)

Blue Host also allows you to do one click WordPress installations, which is a huge time saver.

I’ve created a video below to run you through how to sign up to to Blue Host.

I’ve also done a second video showing you how to do one click WordPress installations.

Video On Blue Host Setup

Video on One Click WordPress Installations

6. Resources Guide 10 Critical Tools To Location Independence

Once you’ve got your domain setup – Check

Got your hosting – Check

Got WordPress installed – Check

Add an awesome theme like (Optimize Press 2.0) – Check

It’s time to get stuck into the resources guide I created for you.

The guide shows you how to use all the tools you need to build an email list.

Where to get things done that you don’t personally have the skills to do yourself (critical to a location independent business owner, no one can do it all).

Everything you need to get a location independent business setup and making money fast…

I also created 10 videos for you!

The videos teach you how to setup and use every tool so you don’t make mistakes and don’t lose valuable time. These videos will save you months of trial and error.

Here’s why you want to be on my private list:

The people on my private list get access to content, tips, techniques and beta offers that no one else will ever see.

I’ll also send you videos on what’s working for me right now, techniques to build your list fast, tips to speed up your journey to location independence, loads of how to blueprints to grow a stable recurring income with online marketing.

Plus a whole heap of other good ol’ fashion country goodness!

I understand the value of my peep’s, the value of “YOU” my tribe member! Therefore I will always be 99% focused on providing you with real value; you can be sure of that.

I will send you the occasional offer but only if I am certain it will be of massive value. My Good Will with “YOU” comes before everything. Because without “YOU” The Tropical Entrepreneur Show doesn’t have much point now, does it?

What you can be sure of is that I won’t be spamming offers at you. In fact I will hardly even be sending you offers, because this is the reason why those guys have such a high unsubscribe rate and I am not one of them.

I am one of the good ol’ guys!

I am here to help my Tribe, here to help (YOU)!

The Top 10 Tools for Growing A Location Independent Business

Resource Guide: The Top 10 Tools for Growing A Location Independent Business. 

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Your Friend,


~ The Tropical Entrepreneur

P.S. If you’ve got a question or you want me to create a video that explains something, hit me up on the contact page. I answer everyone personally…

P.P.S. If you have some feedback on what would make this page better I would love to hear it..

~Stay Tropical – Stay Focused – Stay Hammock Bound..

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  • Frank Johnston

    Do you have a “turn key program” you can direct
    me to so I do not have to reinvent the wheel???

    • Josh Denning

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for spending time here at The Tropical Entrepreneur Show. What area are you looking at setting up a turn key system?

      Affiliate Marketing?
      Information Marketing?
      Selling Services?

      Or are you just looking for the easiest initial way to get started?

      Let me know and I will point you in the right direction.

      Best, Josh